The story behind Marathon Marketing & Branding

Marathon Marketing & Branding was designed with small business owners in mind. The world of marketing is continuing to become increasingly complex and my goal is to help you navigate it.

A little bit about me! Growing up I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. My Papa Luke and Nana ran two restaurants and a motel, my Papa Clem started a pest control company which my dad later took over and ran successfully for 20+ years, and today my mom runs her own real estate business. Through my first consulting job at Deloitte and my side hustle managing the social media for my in-laws' restaurants, I found a passion for marketing and branding. I loved experimenting to find what messaging and channels resonate with a company's target audience and continued pursuing that passion in various marketing roles. Feeling inspired by those who took a leap of faith around me, I decided to take my own and start Marathon Marketing & Branding.

I have worked with a variety of clients across many industries (restaurants, tree care, pest control, real estate, education, and more) and understand that your business is like your baby (literally, because this company is like mine!). I'm so excited to learn about your business, what makes it unique, and elevate your messaging to help you stand out. Your company's story is an ever-evolving one, requiring stamina and perseverance (kind of like a marathon).


Let's team up to cross the finish line together!

About me
  • University of Virginia and Wake Forest alumna; Go Hoos and Deacs!

  • Dog lover and dog mom to a spoiled goldendoodle and poodle

  • Avid runner and fitness junkie

  • Virginia native and local wine tourist

Ready to team up?

Charlottesville, VA

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