Creating Content that Adds Value

Updated: May 1

Everyone talks about how important it is to create content that adds value, but no one wants to tell you the steps to actually do it. I've created a step-by-step list below to help you get started and get your content aligned with what your target audience wants from you!

1️. Get out of your own way: You are creative and can create meaningful content. After all you built a business from the ground up and you know it better than anyone else.

2️. Be Consistent & Add Value: It’s how you win in those pesky algorithms. You have to show up for your followers to show up for you. You also have to give them a reason to show up and that's where adding value for them comes in.

3. Know your customer’s journey: Step in their shoes and think about how what you do makes their lives easier, happier, better, etc.

4️. Answer Two Essential Questions: What do customers want to know about my business? What do I want customers to know about my business?

5. Build Your Buckets: Segment your business into key areas you can build content around each week/month. Keep it broad and write down all the things that fall into each bucket. You will be overwhelmed with how much content you realize that you have!

6️. Write down your plan & schedule content: Write or type all the content you want to put out there and then schedule it! How often you schedule looks different for everyone so do what will keep you accountable.

7️. Do a branding check: Make sure your voice and tone are authentic to you! Post consistent photos that represent how you describe your brand. Incorporate video (it performs REALLY well!)

Feel like you can get on the right track now? If yes, GREAT! If you’re looking for more guidance, join my free Facebook community Content That Converts: Turning Social Media into Sales for Small Business Owners.

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